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Chef Suzanna George

Meet Suzanna George, a South Indian native who moved to the United States in 2019 from the historic city of Nawabs, Hyderabad. Despite being a mechanical engineer by profession, her true passion lies in cooking, which she considers her love language, and the exhilaration of feeding her loved ones gives her an Adrenaline rush like nothing else. As a result, she considers herself a food enthusiast, committed to sharing her passion for food with others. Growing up in a family where conversations always revolved around food, she spent most of her time in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother, learning traditional Indian recipes and experimenting with fusion flavors.


She loves collecting and using spices from around the world, creating fusion recipes and experimenting with new flavors. The idea of blending different flavors into one another excites her, and her cooking reflects her background and heritage.As an Indian immigrant, she missed the taste of her mothers food dearly, so, spending hours in the kitchen, she began recreating the recipes passed down from her family.


With a passion for documenting recipes since a young age, she sees cooking as a way of keeping her Indian culture close to her heart. Cooking isn't just about creating delicious meals, it's a powerful medium that empowers, heals, and shows love all rolled into one. Through her cooking, she brings the rich and diverse flavors of Indian cuisine to your table. So why not let her take your taste buds on a journey and experience the warmth and hospitality of Indian culture in every bite.

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