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Chef Ahlam Trmanini

Fellow food enthusiast, this is Chef Ahlam Trmanini. A phenomenal and highly decorated Syrian culinary expert. Chef Ahlam brings an amazing arsenal of Syrian and Middle Eastern gastronomic delights. We are excited and honored to share with you the riches of her culture and cuisine from across the world. To carry our mission of "Connecting our community with flavors of the world" Chef Trmanini is the perfect chef to bring that representation to San Antonio. 

Chef Ahlam was born in Aleppo Syria. She is bringing the community a plethora of Middle Eastern cuisine aimed to bring richness to our culinary landscape at an International level. Aleppo & Kitchen is a new adventure for her in San Antonio, a family owned and operated business. Aleppo is known to many individuals as the Middle Eastern capital for its culturally diverse kitchen. Due to Aleppo's geographic location, this kitchen is a fusion of the Turkish, Armenian and Syrian cuisine. 

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