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Juan Cardona

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Chef Cardona is bringing to our communities an arsenal of Latin Centric, American Regional, and International Cuisine aimed to foster advancement of constructive changes to our culinary landscape. Founder and Director of Chef Junction, he recognizes that he is just a steward of God, facilitating and enabling God’s will to be manifested through a multi-discipline culinary company designed to connect our communities with flavors of the world via our multi-functional food service enablers. He leads our company’s core efforts in setting culinary benchmark trends and spearheads celebrating exposure of talented known and up-and-coming Chefs to our community by enriching communal awareness, appreciation, and following of these gastronomic artists, along with associated collaborative services and agricultural alignments, through traditional and dynamic venues that contribute to commonality amongst our communities.

Astute, result-oriented leader with proven success in managing small and medium size organizations, within a myriad of military and corporate genres impacting logistics, training, marketing, manufacturing, packaging, and culinary fields, his contributions of 26 years of logistics, project management, and training as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, as well as two years of classical culinary training from The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institute of San Antonio, TX, and on-hands operational and management food service industry experience, to include oversight of 12 Dining Facilities in Afghanistan during one of his tour of duties, all have forged the skill-sets pivotal in his providing servant and critical thought leadership, along with strategic planning, that is driving our organization towards exponential growth in market posture within the food service industry.

Juan Cardona has traveled across the globe since he was a young man and then by being in the Army. He has been fortunate enough to have tasted the most gastronomic euphoric flavors while also enjoying the local fresh, farm raised foods from the locals of these destinations. After 26 years in the military Juan was inspired by the culinary experiences he had as he traveled with the Army and served as his inspiration creating chef junction. WHy not bring these wonderful flavors from the world and share the same euphoric gastronomic experiences with the community? Chef Junction aims to combine an environment of global foods and experiences to a community that can reminisce and or share for the first time. We are making global cuisine available to San Antonio and food enthusiasts through private events, pop-up events and any catered gathering imaginable. Contact us today for your next amazing culinary adventure!

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